The Northern Endurance Partnership is consulting on its proposed offshore CO2 transport and storage infrastructure.

The Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP) is developing, installing and operating the CO2 transportation and storage infrastructure that will serve the industrial, power and hydrogen businesses of the East Coast Cluster. The CO2 captured from these businesses in the Humber and Teesside regions will be transported offshore for permanent storage below the sea bed.

An offshore Environmental Statement (ES) will be submitted in support of NEP’s offshore CO2 transport and storage infrastructure proposals, in line with the Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration, Production, Unloading and Storage (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2020.

A scoping study has been conducted, summarised in the report which can be accessed below. This report advises the informal scoping exercise to gather the views of stakeholders and the public and is an essential part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process.

The comments raised from this scoping exercise will inform the EIA process, to be summarised in an report for submission to the regulator (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment & Decommissioning, BEIS OPRED) in 2022.

This report provides an overview of the offshore elements of the Northern Endurance Partnership proposed infrastructure and identifies the potential environmental and social impacts to be considered as part of the EIA process.

The specific objectives of the scoping study are to:

    • Provide an overview of the proposed Development;
    • Provide an overview of the existing environment in the proposed Development area utilising environmental data collected to date for the proposed Development area;
    • Identify key potential issues to be assessed within the EIA process;
    • Outline the supporting studies that will be required to provide data for more detailed assessment of the potential key issues; and
    • Facilitate dialogue with stakeholders regarding the key potential issues, potential mitigation and environmental data sources.
  • NEP scoping report

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